About Me


My name is Matt and I am an aspiring Games Designer. I have graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Games Technology. My skills and aspirations are all on the creative side of Games Development and my ideal roles would be in 3D Modelling, Games Design or Level Design.

I have spent years developing my skills in Autodesk Maya, UDK & Unreal 4, Unity3D & Pixologic's Z-Brush to cover all sides of creative development. I also have some experience using C++ with Visual Studio and in C# for scripts in Unity when utilising prefabs. I am also currently teaching myself to use 3DS Max as an additional modelling software.

I've loved playing games and creating things from a young age. I've always been a very creative person and enthusiastic about building things from scratch and coming up with new ideas. I am a sociable person too: I was also an active member of the Bournemouth University Game Development Society and always loved participating in Game Jams with coursemates and people on other courses at University. Since graduating, I partake in the Global Game Jam with other hobbyists as a graduate in a whole new Game Development scene every year in my home city, and occasionally get together out of hours with work friends. 


My interests outside of gaming include reading, swimming, playing pool, cinema trips and spending time with my friends. Since moving back home, I've made a point of joining the "Bristol Games Hub" as a great asset for me to network with new peers, get the latest news about events, attend socials and even look into freelance work roles to keep myself productive beyond portfolio pieces and to earn even a little money doing what I love.

​Feel free to peruse my Curriculum Vitae :- Here